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Palletized Express





Palibex Barcelona




We belong to Palibex, the fastest and most innovative palletized transport network in

the market. Our services, operations, network model and vision of our people are

what differentiates us.



Domestic and international network




Our network Is Integrated by more than /o branches and a growing team ot more than

650 people, which serves up to 15.000 customers. We guarantee high quality

deliveries in Spain. Morocco and other destinations in Europe.





Experts in palletized goods




We offer a solution to the stock reduction and the need for urgent deliveries, in

increasingly smaller batch purchases. We have logistic corridors, direct routes and

HUBS to reduce transit times.





Unique operational model




Our unique system of rear loading and unloading enables us to operate in zero carbon

Footprint facilities, that guarantee a safer process, reducing the damages to the

minimum and making us specialists in the large-scale consumer market.





The fastest in the industry




Deliveries before 10am

for our most demanding


  Guarantees that the goods

get to the destination

before mid-day

  Same day deliveries

for emergency



Express urgent deliveries

to any location

in Spain

  Economic services for

shipments in which

delivery is not urgent

  Preferential treatment

of the goods at a

competitive price




  Part load of more than 5

pallets for the large-scale

consumer market



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shipment here