Pioneering innovative solutions

We have a fully integrated management that provides our customers:

  • Equipped with TomTom Work through WEBFLEET platform vehicles
  • Traceability of goods and vehicles via the Web.
  • Mapping fleet control.
  • E-Business, B2B, B2C.
  • Sharing files, mail / FTP
  • E-Files / electronic archiving documentary.
  • Full integration with the information systems of our customers through EDI via XML files, flat files, etc.
  • Administrative Alerts (work-flow).
  • Alerts and traffic quality (work-flow).
  • Publication FTP information.
  • Consultations on attached documents via web, scanning and archiving of delivery notes and other documents.
  • Consulting incidents and motions in real time via web
  • identification (barcode). Identifying packages and shipping documents.
  • Sending photos of the warehouse entrance via email in real time upon receipt of the goods.
  • Integration of quality management systems and environmental: 9,001 and 14,001.