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  • Capillary distribution Catalonia
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Capillary Distribution Catalonia

Service Standard   |   Preference Service   |   Dedicated Service "Express"

  • We specialize in the transport of "LAST MILE".
  • More than 80 vehicles make daily deliveries: LOCAL, COMERCIAL AND REGIONAL TRADE
    CONSOLIDATIONS: Our distribution concept is based on the optimization of vehicles and postal codes areas.
  • 98 % of actual deliveries minimizing the high costs involved returns and second deliveries.
  • Optimizing routes and loads of vehicles allows significant cost savings, which can be more competitive.
  • Lifting platforms (750 - 1500kg)

Services Metropolitan, Barcelona and Catalonia
The driver and the vehicle needed to make pickups and deliveries with all kinds of vehicles, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can hire our services by the hour, by the day, for kilometers, custom rates, according to the needs of each client.