Dedicated Logistics

Custom services


Palletized Express

  • Temporary storage A.D.T. (up to 45 days if it comes to maritime traffic -CUB- or a maximum of 20 days if it comes to traffic by road or air)
  • Public warehouse. D.A.P (it is a kind of free area to store indefinitely goods from outside the EU without any tax is due.)
  • Separate Customs Deposit. D.D.A (Transactions treated as import, with significant tax advantages, which result in that you can self- manage their VAT, compensating and not advancing it to the Administration.)
  • L.A.M.E (Local authorized to export goods).
  • C.U.B’s emission (Change Location), reception and completion T1.
  • Since 2010 we have AEO (Authorized Economic Operator ) certificate obtaining the Certificate AEO simplifications and Security (OEAF)