Cualde Logistics acts as a logistics operator for over 60 years, offering managed 9.700 m2 with the latest technology. Our priority is security, both in the division of transport and storage.

To do this, we have an exclusive service by SECURITAS, offering Cualde's customers the maximum guarantee in security and tranquility. As a result, Cualde was a finalist with Project Security CCTV IP in the Secutity Forum Award, highlighting be the First Prize in Security at the logistics sector.

The services we provide are:

- Forklift with wifi cameras can show videos on line of loading and unloading ship and the traceability of goods.

- Security systems with video surveillance 24 hours with 32 cameras.

- Protection CCTV closed circuit video surveillance.

- Security officer for random monitoring of deliveries / pickups.

- 2 CCTV security cages for goods that require it.

- Sending photos of the warehouse entrance via email in real time upon receipt of the goods.

- Recorders and access control.

- RF and bar code to track the merchandise at all times.

Using the latest technology, both in storage and in transportation, we perform optimal management of our services and encourage interactivity with our customers through the computer system, as this allows: consultation via web of deliveries (POD’s), stock, traceability, etc; sending alerts via web or sms; EDI protocols exchanges and exchanges TOMTOM WORK; automatic vehicle location (GPS); trace & tracking; …